John McCracken: Sculpture, Paintings and Works on Paper

October 20 – December 16, 2016

Installation view of John McCracken: Sculpture, Paintings and Works on Paper
Installation image of 9 mandalas

Press Release

"When I was making art, it seemed to me that in making a thing beautiful...I found I had an interest in reductiveness and minimalness." - John McCracken

The Elkon Gallery is pleased to present an exhibition of works by John McCracken (1934 - 2011) entitled John McCracken:  Sculpture, Paintings and Works on Paper.
McCracken's career spanned many decades.  Starting in the mid 1960's after he completed his education, he began creating minimal sculptural forms focusing on bold colors.  His first exhibition took place in 1965 at the Nicholas Wilder Gallery in Los Angeles.  In 1966 the artist had his first New York exhibition at the Robert Elkon Gallery. 

McCracken was exhibited in many major museum exhibitions throughout the United States and Europe, including a 2011 retrospective at the Castello di Rivoli in Turin, Italy, which spanned the entirety of McCracken's career.  

The present exhibition will include blocks and planks. Planks mystified McCracken.  He said: "I see the plank as existing between two worlds, which appealed to me--the floor representing the physical world of standing objects...and the wall representing the world of imagination, illusionistic painting space, human mental space, and all that."
Oil and gouache paintings, which were inspired by Buddhist and Indian mandalas, dating from the 1970’s, as well as working drawings of sculptures, will be on view as well.
The exhibition opens on Thursday, October 20, 2016 and will remain on view until December 16, 2016.
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